Peace of Mind with Wellness

  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Medication reminders
  • Cognitive stimulation and companionship
  • Re-positioning in chair or bed
  • Light exercise assistance
Meal Preparation:
Nutrition plays a pivotal role in our health and longevity. Eating nutritious meals can assist in making health issues easier to manage, increase energy, keep weight gain/loss in check, and prevent further illness. For seniors who may have difficulty in the kitchen, our caregivers can cook hot, delicious, wholesome meals. This can allow our clients to assist as much or as little as they are able. Meal preparation when done together can make it a social and much more enjoyable task.

Medication Reminders: 
Although our caregivers cannot administer medications, they can however help ensure our clients are taking their medications as prescribed. Northstar can assist clients with opening medication containers, reading labels, and act as reminders for our clients when its time for their next dose.

Conversation and Companionship: 
Studies have shown that staying social and engaged on a regular basis can increase a seniors’ quality of life and help prevent depression while negating cognitive decline. Our caregivers provide company, companionship and conversation to all our clients. This in addition to other services can help them enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Transferring and Positioning: 
At Northstar our caregivers are trained to safely move clients in and out of their beds, into chairs or wheel chairs, or onto toilets when needed. Proper transferring and positioning can reduce the risk of injury, bedsores, weakening and stiffening of muscles as well as encourage proper breathing and digestion. It will also help our clients stay as comfortable as possible and that’s the goal!
Meal preparation
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